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Client Solutions:  a CRM built for Insurance Agents & Financial planners

"Client Solutions"was built for financial planners to provide them a CRM tool that is efficient and at the same time an effective financial planning tool. It is a unique CRM that serves as a financial planning software for Insurance agents and  financial advisors as well as a tool that manages recurring business. What more, with the help of Client Solutions CRM, financial advisors can keep a check on their business statistics and its progress!

Why Client Solutions?

It's a myth that financial advisors can plan and manage their business with the help of basic financial planning tools. We have understood the importance of a CRM system so as to manage your business efficiently and stay within the race.

Many business owners feel that an investment advisor CRM software makes them customer-centric and does not induce any progress. However, Client Solutions is not a CRM of the kind that will stop accelerating your business growth and ultimately become a gridlock. Instead Client Solutions not only helps advisors grow their business but it opens new business opportunities with the existing customer.


With a methodic approach, you can evolve your business!

Client Solutionsoffers several features that not only help you manage your clients, but also help grow your business statistics. Following are few of these features that make Client Solutions, proficient financial planning software for investment advisors and insurance agents.

  • Customizable
  • Holistic view of all your current and potential customers
  • Simple and easy-to-use
  • Manages every activity regarding your business processes
  • Offers proper client management
  • Better understanding of business statistic
  • Better understanding of business progress

Ease-of-use is the key factor

We understand that our customers need to adopt different strategies to accelerate their businesses. We don’t want to add more to their pressure by creating a complex CRM. Instead, we made Client Solutions simple ated, and we proudly present it as easy-to-use CRM software for insurance agents and insurance advisors. In addition to this, Client Solutions CRM populates reports that cater actionable insights to our customers; so that they can make better decisions with regards to their business.


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