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Products Overview

In this ever-evolving and highly competitive business world, success is never an accident. It, on the other hand, is the result of judicious planning and careful management of finances, resources, and services. Though this might sound like a tiresome task, the right technology and software products can turn it into a piece of cake.

At Orlem Inc., we help companies align their people and processes by offering deployment and maintenance services for software products used in business management. We are a certified Microsoft partner and have also tied up with several global software and application enterprises.

Given below are the major software products for which we currently offer implementation and maintenance services.



Regarded as the best Field Service Management software currently available in the market, IFS-FSM is a must-have for businesses with field operations. The product is developed by IFS, one of the leading enterprise application providers in the world, and has features and functionalities to manage your entire service life cycle. These include standard as well as advanced functionalities such as reverse logistics, invoicing, scheduling, contract management, customer relationship management, real-time tracking, parts management, and a lot more.

Once implemented, this cloud-based software product will help you manage and standardize your field service operations with optimal efficiency, ensuring desired results as well as customer satisfaction. We are a certified IFS partner and our team provides end-to-end implementation services and solutions for the software. From installation, configuration, and customization to support and troubleshooting, we provide 360-degree solutions for deploying IFS-FSM.

Want to know more about IFS-FSM, its key features, and the benefits it offers to your business?

Microsoft Dynamics SL

Another key offering from Orlem Inc. is Microsoft Dynamics SL, a customizable Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for small and medium businesses. Previously known as Microsoft Dynamics-Solomon, this accounting and management product is best suited for companies offering services as well as project-based businesses.

Features of Microsoft Dynamics SL

Microsoft Dynamics SL is one of the most updated ERP systems available in the market and has the following features:  

• User-friendly and familiar interface

Dynamics SL comes with a familiar and easy-to-use interface which is similar to MS Word, MS Excel, and many other Microsoft products.

• Individualized user experience

The product is designed keeping in mind the roles people play in organizations. Hence it offers a highly individualized and task-based experience to users and also allows customization.

• Quick report access

In addition to making real-time report data easily available to you, Dynamics SL has features like Quick Query that allows customization and filtering of predefined data.

• Easy integration

Dynamics SL offers hassle-free and seamless integration with your existing accounting, management, CRM, and other systems. What’s more, it allows you to make the most of other MS products including Windows and SQL Server.

• Project accounting and management

With a wide array of functionalities such as service management, payroll, cash manager, billing and receipts, project controlling, business intelligence, etc. Dynamics SL pulls all your operations under one roof.

• Extended functionalities

In addition to the built-in functionalities, this software can be easily integrated with some of the popularly used business applications such as Oracle, SkyDrive, Salesforce, and others.

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics SL

As a business management software that has been consistently expanded, updated, and improved over several years, Microsoft Dynamics SL has functionalities that will help you:

  • Streamline your processes
  • Facilitate fast and informed decision making
  • Augment your productivity
  • Centralize your business processes
  • Deliver projects within budget and on time

Microsoft Dynamics SL Implementation from Orlem Inc.

Orlem Inc. is a certified Microsoft partner and has been offering Microsoft Dynamics SL implementation services ever since its inception. We have a team dedicated to the deployment, configuration, and customization of the software. This, coupled with our training and support services, make us a preferred partner for implementing Microsoft Dynamics SL.

Want to streamline your business process today with this one-of-its-kind ERP software? Talk to us today.